Visit Our Lubbock, TX Shop for Professional Paint Work

We perform auto paint repairs and enhancements

Danny’s Paint and Body offers a wide range of auto paint repair services in Lubbock, TX and the surrounding area. We have the skills and experience needed to handle emblem painting, graphic design, interior door painting and scratch repairs.

You can also upgrade your car’s appearance by adding your business logo, numbers or emblems to the paint work. Call us today to receive a free estimate.

Does your vehicle need car scratch repairs?

Whether it’s from a rogue shopping cart or a negligent driver, you want the scratch in your vehicle’s paint gone. A professional paint touch-up at Danny’s Paint and Body is just what your ride needs. We will:

  • Blend your car’s paint seamlessly
  • Prevent rust and other damage
  • Complete a paint job that’ll last for years to come

We take care to match your car’s paint color perfectly so there’s no sign the damage was there. We also provide buffing and minor touch-up services.

Call our Lubbock, TX auto body shop to schedule your car scratch repair appointment now.